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This all started back in the early-mid 1960s when neighborhood commercial tracks were available. You brought your 1/24 scale car and a controller to the track and paid $1.25 or so per hour to race anyone who was there. These tracks usually had eight (8) lanes. We had at least 2 or 3 of these tracks within a couple of miles from our house in north Dallas.

I started out with a K&B Cobra GT and controller. My brother had a Cox BRM. I vaguely remember a Manta Ray.

But before that, I got a small Eldon set with very simple controllers (on/off). We had trouble getting it to work and had to request aid from Mr. Parker who lived 2 doors down the street. He got it to work but it didn't hold the interest.

There were different home sets - Eldon, Strombecker, Revell, and a few others. Our Dad surprised us with a Revell Americana set that he was able to get wholesake through our family bookstore. I actually mounted it on a 2x4 frame with plywood top - roughly 13 feet by 7 feet. I saved that set and a few additional pieces through two moves and eventually pulled it down from the attic in 2019.

It is amazing how much Revell stuff is still available on eBay, Craig's List, garage sales, and estate nsales. I have accumulated some information and grab interesting photos on eBay whenever I see them. Oh yeah, I also have accumulated additional track, cars, and other pieces.

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