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Track Clips for Revell Slot car Track

The Problem

When assembling Revell track, there are two major problems:

  • Pieces fit too tightly, track is hard to fit together
  • Pieces are too loose and come apart easily

Track Pieces are hard to connect

Elbow grease (push harder) is one way to fix this.
Also check out 'Dewann's Tweasers' - some long handle tongs that are available from Harbor Freight (see Dewann's track cleaning tips)

Track Pieces Come Apart Too easily

I have designed some track clips that fit in the overlap areas on the underside of the track connection. There are actually 8 different locations (4 pairs) where the tracks join to attach the clips. Here is the underside with two clips pressed into one of the outside locations.

clip locations

Here is what a single clip looks like (image from Tinkercad)

clip 380

Since the track pieces don’t always fit together the same, I have 6 different gap sizes. You just choose the one that fits best (snug fit).

clip sizes

Code Gap Color
5 0.350 cm red
6 0.360 cm green
7 0.370 cm blue
8 0.380 cm yellow
9 0.390 cm orange
o 0.400 cm cyan

Examples of use:

clip use

clip use

If you have a 3D printer or know someone who does and can print them for you, here are the STL files that you can use to print them: (all 6 in a zip file)

Using ypur slicer program, you can import all 6 versions and create a set. I usually use 0.12 mm resolution. I have also made projects with 12 or 18 parts at a time.

Currently, I have a project that has 25 of the same gap type and prints them all in the same color. See the chart above for the colors I use.

If you don't have access to a 3D printer, I can send you some that I have printed. Initially, I would send a batch of 150 (25 of each gap type) for $15, including shipping (the bulk of the cost). Other combinations can be bundled as needed.

Send me an email at My PayPal uses that same email address.

This page updated 19 March 2024