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Tabletop Games - WarMachine/Hordes

WarMachine is a tabletop miniatures game by Privateer Press. Hordes is a companion game that uses a slightly different game mechanic and beasts rather than machines. The two can play together and are commonly called "WarmaHordes".

James started us out with the Khador faction.

Chuck got started with the Cygnar faction but got distracted with the different flavors of Mercenaries.

James started up a second faction with Legion of Everblight (Hordes).

And James picked up enough Trollbloods to start a 50-point army.

Warmachne and Hordes revamped their line in 2010 - now known as "Mk II" (Mark Two). The previous rule sets are now listed as "Mk I" (Mark One). The models themselves remained usable for Mk II (unlike some other game systems).

When they switched, the rule sets changed, the point cost for models changed, and each model's "stat card" changed. Privateer Press made a deck of new Mk II cards available for all of the factions in production at the time - 5 Warmachine and 4 Hordes. While the WM Mercenaries had their own deck, the Hordes Minions cards were appended to the other Hordes factions.

A recently compiled spreadsheet of all the available 2010 faction deck cards:

Warmachine/Hordes 2010 Faction Deck Contents (25 July 2015)

My latest project is an extensive Wm/H product list and inventory spreadsheet. This has a lot of individual model information and links to privateer Press images. It includes Out-of-Production (OOP) models as well. Some of this information is long gone and extremely hard to find although some of these old (Mk I) items still show up on eBay.

WarMachine/Hordes Parts List and Inventory Spreadsheet (01 Nov 2015)

Original WarMachine/Hordes Parts List and Inventory Spreadsheet (25 Sept 2015)

Note: The links in the spreadsheet work better (and faster) in the pure Excel version.

So, I have jumped in too deep (via eBay) and have extra stuff for sale. See may current list (date whatever) here.

So, in 2016, Privateer Press struck again and introduced the Mark III version of the rules and models. They initially released updated card decks for each faction but have since gone to a dynamic stat system. The only way to keep up is by using their Warroom 2 ap for Mac and Android. These changes have caused me to concentrate more on historical miniatures. I also abandoned the parts list and inventory sporead sheet as it was based on Mark II. I doubt that I will work on that again.

This page updated 28 January 2018