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25mm and 28mm American Civil War (ACW) Figures

25mm has been very popular for decades although 15mm seems to have overtaken it for the larger scale games. And 28mm has a lot of appeal. Here are a few lines that I have collected dealing with ACW.


Dixon 25mm American Civil War (ACW) - A very extensive and versatile line. Based in the UK. I really like the individual part numbers that are marked on the underside of the base.

My OCD Dixon ACW model listing is available via the link.

Old Glory

Old Glory is accessed from two separate sites, one for the manufacturer and one for an independent retailer. The figures are available in lots that match up to casting mold contents, usually 30 infantry, 10 cavalry, and 6 artillery. Individual figures are not marked with a part number or even a clue to the manufacturer

Old Glory has first and second edition figures for "War Between the States"

There are also older Old Glory figures that were cast with separate heads. I have acquired a few of these but have no catalog to reference them to.

My OCD Old Glory ACW model listing is available via the link.

last modified on 22 February 2018